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dedmen hat kommentiert am 19.08.2019 11:49:33

JSRS Soundmod - CE.19.0819 Changes:

Updated the modification to a complete file instead of its modularity. Hence the CE in the versioning for "Complete Edition".


  • New explosion sounds and minor changes
  • New Distance sounds and weapon effects got slightly tweaked
  • New movement volumes and changes to the behavior
  • Massive merging of several sound sets to reduce the stress during the game
  • Multiple tweaks around the mods structure in order to work more fluid


  • Added several new weapon sounds in order to support other mods (RHS, CUP)


  • Due to time reasons I cutted SMA and NiArms out of my loop for now. They caused way too many issues and I couldn't find the time to fix it, so I delete them for now

dedmen hat kommentiert am 03.09.2019 11:31:07

JSRS wurde jetzt in wenige kleine PBO's zusammengepackt, das heißt man muss bei jedem update alles neu laden.

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